Easy2Sync for Files

Easy2Sync for Files 1.23

Keep files synchronized between two computers, safe and easy

Do you have several computers? Notebook and PC? Then you'll need Easy2Sync for Files to keep your files in sync! No matter which files you change where - Easy2Sync will make sure that your computers are again identical. Due to its industrial strength design and a network of more than 200 rules it is ensured that your files are correctly synchronized even in the most complex cases.

This is what Easy2Sync for Files has to offer:

  • Makes it easy to synchronize files
  • Security, security, security for your files because of the Easy2Sync Engine
  • Unlimited complex directory tree, unlimited number of files
  • Very easy to use
  • Your files are in sync by the touch of a button
  • Extremely fast (up to 700 files / second)

Easy2Sync for Files


Easy2Sync for Files 1.23

User reviews about Easy2Sync for Files

  • asifabbass

    by asifabbass

    "easy app, usefull, creative app"

    very usefull app, easy to use, and easy to extract, fully working app.   More.